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Miyanko Graphic Art

And now we give you the only way to be in everyone’s hands, you can now have your app, ask for information from your Yaka representative.
Specialized design in brand applications, Image Consulting, Digital Communication, Design, and Creativity.

App Developers

iOS & Android - We are a company authorized by Google and Apple to develop applications for any idea, service, or product.


Specialized in advertising design for visually compelling and high-quality concepts for electronic and print media.

About us

More than a provider, we are a true collaborator of your company. Let's make magic together on the Internet!

Advertising Agency

Conceived in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, and a part of Editorial Noticias de la Provincia, Miyanko has been serving since 2005, expanding its presence to Puerto Vallarta & Los Angeles as well.


Collaboration is key to unlocking our creative potential together with your needs, delivering a product to the target audience that will be pivotal in maintaining loyalty and maximizing communication.


Creating the most visually appealing forms of communication to meet the demands of companies in local and international markets, in order to contribute to the optimization of their business projects.

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Web Design

Say it all with a stunning website, fully bespoke to your brand.
What do you want your website to say about you 

Professional? Awe-inspiring? Unique? Irresistible? 

Our design team specialise in building a fully bespoke website from the ground up, fitting each unique element with your brand identity.

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